All 6'10", 235 pounds of Moses Malone are collapsed onto a locker room bench at the Philadelphia Spectrum. There are ice bags on his aching knees and a towel draped across his sagging shoulders. But you should see the other guy! En route to a National Basketball Association finals showdown with the defending champion Los Angeles Lakers, the 76ers have just taken another playoff game from the Milwaukee Buckshis man?68-pound Bob Lanier, who plays the game like a wounded bullith speed, hustle and, most of all, stamina. As a game goes on, other big men wind down. Malone, now 28, gets stronger. It's his trademark.

"The bigger they are, the more I be a greyhound," Malone once poeticized. "Pressure's on them to stop me." But the pressure is also on Malone to produce. With a six-year, $13.2 million contract, he is the highest-paid team athlete in the world. And what he is being paid for, specifically, is to produce a championship. Over the past seven years the 76ers have had the best cumulative record in the NBA. Yet even with the services of the sublime Dr. J, Julius Erving, they have not won a title since 1967. Moses, in his first year with the 76ers, is supposed to lead them Valentino Shoes On Sale to that promised land. Uh-huh, says Malone. "I've got all the money I need. The only thing I can't buy is a championshipnd that's what I want. I'm just going to have to get more aggressive."

It's hard to believe he can get more aggressive. Malone, the greatest offensive rebounder in history, plays the game with ferocious intensityven during the regular season, which too many players treat as sort of an 82-game warmup for the playoffs. In only his seventh year in the NBA, he seems headed for a third Most Valuable Player award. He has led the league in rebounding four times and averaged 23.9 points per game for his NBA career. Says George Shirk, a devoted Moses watcher who covers the 76ers for the Philadelphia Inquirer, "I've never seen him intimidated by anyone."


On the court. Off the court, Malone sometimes seems intimidated by life. Though he jokes and trades good-natured insults with teammates in the locker room, he remains aloof outside the clubhouse. Several times Dr. J has invited Malone to his home. Malone has yet to visit.